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Automated Data Capture

Through Intelligent Character Recognition Technololgy - Teleform enables large enterprises to quickly extract, capture, verify, process and index large quantities of information using production-level scanners, fax servers and the Internet.
Intelligent Character Recognition offers a proven solution that dramatically reduces operating costs associated with manual data entry. It increases operating efficiency and provides an accurate, timely process for getting existing forms and documents into your back office system.
Intelligent Character Recognition works to replace manual processing by automatically converting paper forms into electronic format which may be used to update a database. The Intelligent Character Recognition process involves :

  • Design of forms
  • Scanning of forms
  • Recognition – Automatic reading of forms
  • Verification
  • Data Export

    By commencing at the form design stage to create required fields it becomes possible to create form intelligence which allows pre-processing of data appropriate to the application being processed. Field attributes may be set to accept only specified data type, for custom scripts written to enable specific actions to be taken depending on the content of the field or for export rules to be set which will determine what happens to the data (e.g. exported to the database or saved in an intermediary format easily imported into a mainframe database.) By incorporating these features, the entire process of data verification is improved.

    The scanning process has been enhanced with the most recent version of the Intelligent Character Recognition software by incorporating a Remote Capture Option. This option gives the organization the capability to scan and verify from multiple locations once telecommunication links are available.

    Implementing a Intelligent Character Recognition solution will provide the organization with the following benefits:

  • Reduction or near elimination of data entry
  • Increased accuracy of data collected
  • Increased speed of data collection
  • Reduce long-term costs for data collection
  • Ability to collect data automatically from remote locations
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