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Customer Care

Service is the lifeblood of our organisation.  For us here at Xsomo, Customer Care is not a department, it is our attitude!  We are committed to Continually improving our High quality of service, with Integrity, providing increased Productivity for our Satisfied customers.  Simply put - we stand by the acronym "C.H.I.P.S."

Continual improvement

High quality



Satisfied customers

At Xsomo, we are so serious about the relationship that we have with our customers, that we have assigned four representatives focused on offering specialised service for all our clients.

Xsomo appreciates you and continues to create new ways to interact through our sales and marketing team efforts.  


 We value your feedback, and look forward to your ideas, comments and complaints to help us to improve and serve you better.

Xsomo International Ltd.
29 Slipe Pen Rd.
Tel.: (876) 922-5857
Fax: (876) 967-3626


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