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1967 - Moore takes over the printing arm of what was then Computer Service and Printing (CSP) and ceases to operate through an agent. Continuous forms were imported at that time.

1970 - Moore manufactures continuous business forms in Jamaica for the first time. There were no more than about ten computers in the island, at that time. We also moved to our current address at 29 Slipe Pen Road in Kingston.

1976 - Merger with the DataForm Division of Uniprint Ltd. signals beginning of our rise to market leadership. The acquisition of Uniprint’s continuous forms presses, MICR encoding capabilities and top members of its management team sharpen our ability to tackle existing challenges.

1983 - Expansion of our three-colour capabilities, increased security features and introduction of customised watermark.

1986 - Re-tooling. Our pre-press operation gets a shot in the arm with acquisition of a computerised system and Dark Room equipment. These significantly improve the appearance of our products.

1989 - Another move in the making with the acquisition of additional office, storage and recreational space. New press equipment ushers in more value for customers.

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