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Content /Document Management
Document management is another area in which Xsomo has introduced an electronic solution geared to enhancing efficiency. After careful screening, Xsomo selected Hyland Software with their document management solution “On-Base” as the preferred partner for the offering of document management solutions locally.

Content  management allows for the storage, retrieval and distribution of documents electronically thus increasing efficiency in all of these operations. Importantly, in the solution put together at Xsomo, document management and data capture technologies are integrated to allow automatic indexing of documents and instantaneous retrieval of images of documents sent for processing.

In our definition of Content Management, we include every conceivable process that relates to the handling of documents in the business environment. Our preferred software solutions enable integrated document management from the document capture phase, including storage, workflow management, indexing, retrieval and distribution. Importantly, our solutions permit the processing of all documents regardless of document type so that any information entering the organization be it paper, reports, fax, e-mail or web content can be efficiently integrated into one centralized system.


In putting a document management solution into effect there are efficiencies to be reaped at every step of the way. Time taken to retrieve documents can be dramatically reduced, document sharing becomes a lot more efficient and the expense of generating paper copies and moving them through the business cycle can be all but eliminated. Companies needing to share information across multiple locations or those wishing to avoid capital outlay for internal document management may make use of Xsomo’s on-line document management service.


Automatic Data Capture

Through Intelligent Character Recognition Technololgy - Teleform enables large enterprises to quickly extract, capture, verify, process and index large quantities of information using production-level scanners, fax servers and the Internet.
Intelligent Character Recognition offers a proven solution that dramatically reduces operating costs associated with manual data entry. It increases operating efficiency and provides an accurate, timely process for getting existing forms and documents into your back office system.
Intelligent Character Recognition works to replace manual processing by automatically converting paper forms into electronic format which may be used to update a database. The Intelligent Character Recognition process involves :

  • Design of forms
  • Scanning of forms
  • Recognition – Automatic reading of forms
  • Verification
  • Data Export

    By commencing at the form design stage to create required fields it becomes possible to create form intelligence which allows pre-processing of data appropriate to the application being processed. Field attributes may be set to accept only specified data type, for custom scripts written to enable specific actions to be taken depending on the content of the field or for export rules to be set which will determine what happens to the data (e.g. exported to the database or saved in an intermediary format easily imported into a mainframe database.) By incorporating these features, the entire process of data verification is improved.

    The scanning process has been enhanced with the most recent version of the Intelligent Character Recognition software by incorporating a Remote Capture Option. This option gives the organization the capability to scan and verify from multiple locations once telecommunication links are available.

    Implementing a Intelligent Character Recognition solution will provide the organization with the following benefits:

  • Reduction or near elimination of data entry
  • Increased accuracy of data collected
  • Increased speed of data collection
  • Reduce long-term costs for data collection
  • Ability to collect data automatically from remote locations


    Delivering the Best Access Experience

    Citrix’s passion is to simplify information access for everyone. As the only enterprise software company 100% focused on access, this is also our unique passion.

    We take great pride in delivering the best access experience to any information—-best for users, best for IT teams, best for business.  

    Higher Productivity—Users need access to be invisible. They want easy, on-demand access from wherever they are, using any device and network.

    Lower Costs and More Control—IT administrators need access to be visible. To observe, monitor, control, and manage access and resource usage to deliver the highest service at the lowest cost.

    Make IT Relevant to the Business

    Instead of limiting IT executives and their teams to just modernizing their systems and optimizing business processes, Citrix makes IT relevant to the business.

    Our application delivery infrastructure products and solutions give IT the flexibility to change on demand, without changing the overall environment. With Citrix, IT can keep pace with the business, handle multiple challenges concurrently, and drive productivity and profitability initiatives across the company and across business units. That’s why Citrix today is relied upon by IT teams and their strategic executives at more than 200,000 organizations throughout the world, including 100% of the Fortune 100 companies and 98% of the Fortune Global 500.


    Software as a Service
    Xsomo also offers itself as a Software as a Service Provider (Saas),  particularly with respect to document management and data capture  services. Under this model, Xsomo Paper to Digital completes the service  offering by hosting company's data as well as the document management  and data capture applications; thus removing the need for companies to  invest in their own software, hardware and Sechnical support  infrastructure.

    Server-based application delivery
    An important adjunct to hosting of clients’ data is being able to provide their users with reliable and quick access to this data. At Xsomo, in our server-based computing model utilizing Citrix middleware, application processing, administration, support and deployment are based on a central server. Users see and work with the application interface, sending only keystrokes and mouse movements over the network to the server and receiving screen updates. Because only minimal data travels across the network application performance and security are enhanced. Citrix also makes it possible for wireless access to the network to be introduced.

    Archiving and Back-up
    At Xsomo, we have identified products which allow for high volume, high-speed conversion of paper documents into electronic format as well as systems for the digital storage and retrieval of the data. This technology is integrated with CD and DVD publishing systems to allow for automated back-up and archiving. Importantly, Xsomo’s back-up and archiving facility can be accessed either from the stage of data capture or using data provided to us by your company via any convenient medium.

    Printing of ID / Membership cards
    It was a short step to take from the capturing of contact information off of application forms and scanning of images, to move into the full production of cards. Xsomo’s services include the production of colour cards, lamination options, adding of photographs or other digital images, variable information such as name or unique number all using thermal printing technology.

    Equipment and Supplies

    Xsomo is able to provide for the customer, all equipment and supplies required for the implementation of each of the solutions mentioned above. This is inclusive of technical support for machines and software installations as well as all necessary consumables.

    Forms Handling Equipment

    Moore carries their own line of forms handling equipment to help in providing complete solutions for business communication. Moore equipment sets the standard for excellence in design, engineering and performance. It will deliver year after year of safe, quiet, reliable service. These include:

    • Detachers
      Moore Detachers quickly and accurately separate continuous documents, simultaneously folding and offsetting them for distribution or binding.
    • Imprinters
      Moore Imprinters, through a mountable printing plate, imprint signatures or other features on continuous forms. There are innovative security features in place to prevent unauthorized usage.


    • Decollators
      Moore Decollators separate multi-part forms, refolding them into separate stacks.

    Media Supplies and photocopy paper


    • Media Supplies
      In recent years we have been expanding our stock offerings to our customers, providing them with their various needs in computer supplies. Our current offering now includes: Various popular brands of computer ribbons and data cartridges, along with fax rolls, dust covers, and paper rolls for Cash Registers and Adding Machines.
    • Photocopy Paper
      Moore takes pride in being highly customer driven and while we provide our customers with Moore Photocopy Paper, we also carry other brands which our customers request such as Xerox, Hammermill and Econosource. The key is providing our customers with "satisfying products and service". 
    • NoteStix
      In expanding our range of products, through collaboration with Rediform, Moore now brings NoteStix to the Jamaican business community. These customised, self-adhesive note pads are available in a variety of shapes and are useful for a wide range of applications.

    Content /Document Management
    Automatic Data Capture
    Software as a Service
    Server-based application delivery
    Archiving and Back-up
    Printing of ID / Membership cards
    Equipment and Supplies
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